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Cohen Law Group is dedicated to representing individuals who blow the whistle on fraud and abuse in the public and private sectors. Our core practice area is devoted to whistleblower litigation brought under the federal and state False Claims Acts (known as qui tam actions).


Our lawyers have been representing whistleblowers in qui tam litigation since 1989. We prosecute cases on behalf of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, CFOs, project managers, engineers, internal auditors, compliance officers, billing coordinators, sales representatives and managers, research and physician assistants, and others who take the bold step to become whistleblowers. These lawsuits expose fraud and abuse by private physician management companies, defense contractors, medical billing companies, hospitals, emergency room facilities, private universities, and pharmaceutical companies, among others.


Cohen Law Group attorneys are part of a nationwide group of lawyers who focus on representing whistleblowers. As a result, we are able to handle cases throughout the country. We have developed relationships with experts, investigators, and private lawyers who work with us to evaluate, investigate, and prosecute qui tam lawsuits on behalf of our clients and the government.


Our approach is simple and effective: we will not file a case until we have completed a thorough investigation and are convinced of its merit. We do this at our own expense in order to achieve the best possible results for our clients. This approach has paid off, gaining us excellent relationships across the country with the government investigators and prosecutors with whom we work after a case is filed. And we generally succeed in getting the government to intervene in our lawsuits, which maximizes the potential recovery for our clients and the government.


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